vSpin Active Wine Decanting System Slashes Decant Time


vSpin Active Wine Decanting System Slashes Decant Time

Premium Aeration System Opens Wine and Produces Full Decant in Minutes

Bellingham, WA – Product Launch May 2017 – Discerning wine lovers know that aeration systems aren’t always what they are cracked up to be. In many cases, in fact, the use of such a system results in no detectable difference in taste from wine that is just hand-swirled in a glass. The vSpin premium aeration system is different. It combines the technology of vortex wine aeration into a sophisticated active decanting system. What this means for vino fans is an unleashing of their favorite wine’s subtlest flavors and fragrances in a fraction of the time.

As an article in New York magazine confirms, decanting can “improve most any wine”. Decanting time varies based on the particular wine and typical decant times are anywhere from 30 minutes to 3+ hours.

The vSpin active wine decanting system significantly simplifies the art of decanting. It performs a wine open and two-hour decant in five minutes and an eight-hour one in 15 minutes. Such performance arises from the product’s patented methodology, which creates a gentle and silent wine vortex. As a result, the surface area of the wine is increased in a controlled and continuous manner.

By accelerating oxygenation, the vSpin active wine decanting system mellows the harsh tannin textures. At the same time, it releases the wine’s subtle flavor. vSpin users enjoy enhanced aroma, a richer bouquet and exceptional visual presentation.  Alistair Veen, Sommelier Champion and owner of Tap Restaurant in Surrey BC explains that vSpin results in “the almost immediate softening of the wine, while the quality, intensity and character of the fruit stay fresh, right out of the decanter.”

The vSpin premium aeration system isn’t just a functional wine accessory either. It’s also aesthetically pleasing. Producing results that rival a blender, the vSpin makes a much more attractive addition to the home. It is made from the highest-quality German lead-free crystal.

Wine enthusiasts who want to unleash the full-bodied flavor and fragrance of their favorite vino in less time can learn more about the vSpin active decanting system online at https://www.vspin.us.

About vSpin

The vSpin active decanting system finally allows wine drinkers to experience a four- or eight-hour decant without planning for it in the morning. The product’s patented technology creates a gentle vortex in the decanter; it ‘spins’ the wine, exposing more of the wine to air over and over again. The company’s internal tastings and tests, measuring dissolved oxygen levels in wine, have shown that the vSpin can achieve the same amount of air from a four-hour decant in under ten minutes. vSpin’s mission is to improve the wine experience substantially and change wine service forever. Nothing short of a blender can do what the vSpin can do. For more information, please visit https://www.vspin.us.

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